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Vadrot, A.B.M.2014. The Politics of Knowledge and Global Biodiversity. London: Routledge

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Vadrot, Alice B.M. (2022): Experts: scientific knowledge for ocean protection, In: Paul G. Harris, Routledge Handbook of Marine Governance and Global Environmental Change, Routledge.
  • Vadrot, A. 2020. Ocean Protection. In J.-F. Morin and A. Orsini. (eds.). Essential Concepts of Global Environmental Governance. Abingdon: Routledge. Second edition.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. 2018. Endangered species, biodiversity and the politics of conservation. In: Kütting, G. (Ed.). Global Environmental Politics. Concepts, Theories and Case Studies. London & New York, 198-226.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. 2016. The birth of a science-policy interface for biodiversity: The history of the IPBES. In. Hrabranski, M. et al. (eds.) The Intergovernmental platform on biodiversity and ecosystem service (IPBES): Challenges, knowledge and actors”, London & New York: Routledge Earth Scan, 41-76.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. 2016. Green Liberalism: An Eternal Oxymoron? In: Kunze, D. (Ed.) Bridging the Gap. An Arab-European Liberals Dialogue on Liberalism and Sustainable Development. Cairo: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, 55-76.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. 2015. Strengthening European Civic Society. Democratic innovations for a participatory democracy. European Liberal Forum, Brussels.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. 2013. Epistemische Selektivitäten im Institutionalisierungsprozess der Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Die Rolle von Wissen und Wissenschaft. In: Friedrich J., Halsband A., Minkmar L. (eds.). Conference Proceedings of Biodiversity and Society. Societal dimensions of the conservation and utilization of biological diversity. Goettingen: Goettingen University Press, 99-119.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. and Pohoryles, R.J. 2013. Ein Blick hinter die Grüne Ökonomie. Commons und Nachhaltigkeit, in: Die Armutskonferenz (ed.). Was allen gehört. Commons – Neue Perspektiven in der Armutsbekämpfung. 73-92.
  • Vadrot, A., Heumesser, C. and Ritzberger, M. 2010. Wissenschaft als Instrument und Akteur. Die Diskussion um ein Science-Policy Interface. In: Brand, Ulrich (Ed.): Globale Umweltpolitik und Internationalisierung des Staates. Biodiversität aus strategisch-relationaler Perspektive. Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot, 188-231.

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Commentaries and Editorials

Alice Vadrot Publications Political Scientist

Other publications (including project reports)

  • Pohoryles, RJP; Lapin, K., Vadrot, A.B.M. 2013. Transport projects in FP7: Analysis of the research framework, Deliverable 2.1. of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme Project TIPS. Transport R&D for Innovation.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M, Hirsbrunner, S., Kahlenborn, W. and Pohoryles R.J. 2013. What is the value of nature? Analysis of the public and political discourse on the valuation of biodiversity, Expertise for the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag.
  • Luce, J., Hartley, J. and Vadrot, A.B.M. 2012. Communicating Convergence: Analyses of Public Representations and Participatory Governance Initiatives. HealthGovMatters- Deliverable 3.1 of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme Project “Health Governance Matters”.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. 2012. Public representations of epilepsy, converging technologies and the brain in the Austrian media. HealthGovMatters- Country Report Austria for Deliverable 3.1 of the European Union’s FP7 Project “Health Governance Matters”.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M. 2012. Knowing and managing the brain: an ethnographic study at an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Vienna. HealthGovMatters- Country Report Austria for Deliverable 2.1 of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme Project “Health Governance Matters”.
  • Vadrot, A.B.M., Luce, J., Hartley, J. et al. 2011. Patient and Professional Organisation Involvement in Governing Converging Technologies in Medicine, Deliverable 1.1. of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme Project “Health Governance Matters”.
  • Pohoryles, R.J. and Vadrot, Alice B. M. 2011. Sustainable energy supply: Production and import of biomass and biofuels, Berichte aus Energie und Umweltforschung, 17a/2011; BMVIT (Federal Ministry of Transport and Innovation).

Alice Vadrot Publications Social Scientist

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